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About Us

We are a new VPN company that focuses on security. We use the latest in security technology to help keep your browsing data secure from your ISP.

  • We use the latest internet protocol of IPv6
  • Everything protected using LetsEncrypt certificates
  • Absolutely no logging ever!

Unlike other VPN companies we provide you with complete control over everything.

  • New IP's on demand
  • Reverse DNS for your IP addresses
  • Static IP at a very low cost (coming soon)

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    Low prices to cater for everyone


    5 / month

    • Your own IPv6 Address
    • Shared IPv4 Address
    • Anonymous Browsing
    • World Wide Servers
    • 2 months free


    10 / month

    • Unlimited IPv6 Addresses
    • Your own IPv4 Address
    • Anonymous Browsing
    • World Wide Servers
    • Priority Support

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    We are always here to help when you need us. Feel free to contact us about any problems you are having with our service.

    Dublin City
    Dublin, Ireland

    +353 1 488 0191

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